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Steven Nix

Chapter 3 Assignment



Hard Drives

Toshiba is a major company for high technology based in Tokyo, Japan, with their

United States headquarters located in New York City, NY. Not only fo they have a wide

variety of electronics for purchase, but they have departments dedicated to research and

development, maufacturing, and sales an service. Just a fraction of Toshiba's major

products include televisions, blue-ray players, speakers, laptops, and computer hard


One of my favorite products from Toshiba are their TV's. I find that they always have

top quality pictures, and can be very reliable. One of the flat screens that my parents

own is a Toshiba and they haven't had any problems with it at all. Paired with a Toshiba

brand blue-ray player, the TV gives a crystal clear picture like I've never seen before.

Whenever I'm in the market for a new TV, Toshiba will always be one of the top


CD/DVD Writer

Hewlett Packard is one of the premier companies today when it comes to technology.

They make very reliable products and are at the forefront of todays advancements in

technology. A true global power, they operate in over 170 countries. Their range of

products covers handheld computer devices all the way up to supercomputers that they

build and install.

My favorite HP product, is the one I am typing on now. I bought this laptop last year

and it has done very well for me. It's extremely fast and I have not had any major

problems with it so far. Also, it was on of the cheapest ones when it came to the screen

size and speed that I wanted. It was comforting to know that I was getting the HP label,

and an affordable price.


USB Memory Drive


Even though Kodak has primarily made a name for themselves on the camera side of

technology, they are no slacker when it comes to computers either. The Eastman Kodak

Company strives to make photography more simple and enjoyable for their customers.

With more an more people wanting to be able to make an easy transfer of their pictures

from camera to computer, it was a no brainer to get into the business of USB Memory


My dream camera is the M580 digital camera. Not only is it small enough to carry

around in your pocket, but it has 14 megapixels. Some of the other features include, an

eight time optical zoom, 28 milimeter wie angle lense, and a 3.0 inch LCD display screen

on the back. Since I broke my other digital camera I'm definitely in the market to get

another one soon. When it comes time to buy, this camera will be at the top of my list.



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