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Steven Nix

Chapter 5 Assignment




History and Origin

                The Linux kernel invented by a man named Linus Torvalds. His initial intent for the software was to use it to access the UNIX servers of the University. He uploaded his Linux files to the FTP server of the Helsinki University of Technology in order to get the development going in September of 1991.

Linux Distributions

                Linux distributions are different variations of the Linux software that have been upgraded to fix certain things in the software. Different distributions have different additional tools and applications added to it to help the software run more smoothly and be easier to use. One of the different Linux distributions is PKLinux, which has two different versions within itself. This type of Linux distribution can run on Microsoft Windows and is based from Slackware. Radovan Garabik made another Linux distribution called Tamukas that can also run on Microsoft Windows and is Intel compatible.

Getting a Linux Distribution

                Creating and selling different Linux distributions has become a huge money making endeavor. Different companies such as Red Hat and SuSE distribute boxed versions of Linux that can be changed at your leisure. There are different variations of Linux software for almost any type of computing that you wish to do. Linux distributions can be bought in a Linux book that comes with a CD, or can be downloaded straight from the internet.

Linux User Applications/Suites

                One of the top Linux suites today is Open Office. In Open Office you can find all of the essentials like a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager and drawing program. It runs well on most operating systems and can work with a variety of different file formats including Microsoft Office. The second most popular Linux suite today is StarOffice. This one also includes the basic essentials in Open Office, but also includes a database and is cross platform integrated. Unlike Open Office its main file format is the OASIS Open Document format, but has the capability to export into a PDF.

Linux Advantages and Disadvantages

                The biggest advantage of Linux is its affordability. The software comes with a general public license which erases all of the money needed to get private licenses. There are many places to download additional software for the Linux for any type of task you wish to use. Also, there are no free trial scams to worry about with the Linux software. Even though Linux is becoming increasingly user friendly, the main drawback is that is does take some time to get used to. In order to really understand the software it takes time to get to know the quirks in it. In the case of businesses, switching to Linux causes the business to have to set aside money for training its employees.       


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