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Steven Nix

Chapter 2 Assignment





RAM is a way to store computer data and stands for Random Access Memory. Today, RAM uses circuits to store your data which allows it to be re-accessed in any random order that you want. Although RAM is a primary way of storing data, it is known as a volatile storage system, meaning once you cut the power, the data is gone.


                RAM is one of the best known storage devices on a computer today. Another version of RAM is called Dynamic RAM. In this version however, the data must be continually refreshed or else the RAM forgets what has been stored there. This is a problem with Dynamic RAM because it takes longer an slows the memory of your computer.


                While RAM is one of the most used types of storage device in computers today, it can also be found in computer accessories like a printer. The two main types of RAM are DRAM, which stands for Dynamic RAM, and SRAM which stands for Static RAM. When it comes to speeding up your computer, it would be better to use SRAM because it works faster.

                As far as I can tell, the cheapest card from Netgear would suit me just fine. Itís an affordable price, has good speed and is easy to use. For people like me who donít really know too much about computers, ease of use is very important to me. The fact that it wonít hurt my pocketbook either is a big plus.



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