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Steven Nix

Chapter 10 Assignment



Multimedia Websites

                The Twilight craze is a group of fans who have grown to love the series of four books, or now the movies, and in some cases, both. With the arrival of the third movie scheduled to be released into theatres on June 30, 2010, there is a website made to help the fans keep track of all of the events leading up to the movie. In addition to schedules, such multimedia characteristics as movie trailers and clips, are also included on the site to help give a sneak peek of what fans are in for when the movie releases later this year. Another feature that I thought was interesting was a live twitter chat is also set up for fans so that they can talk to other fans, and at a couple scheduled times, the stars of the movie themselves. This website is a great site for the Twilight fan because it has a lot of info about the movie, and the multimedia characteristics really help enhance the experience on the site.

                Car sites these days have become nothing but a mass of multimedia options. When you first go to this site you are greeted by a very cool flash display. In addition, once you select which country you are in there is another flash of a hand drawing the Infiniti sign from the commercials. The best feature on car sites today though is the ability to build your vehicle. All you have to do is enter all of the specifications that you want and they will show you exactly what the car with those specifications will look like. It is one of my favorite multimedia features on a website that I have ever encountered. Most of the time they will even calculate price and monthly payments for you too, while you are entering all of the different things that you want. Going to a car companies website is one of the most enjoyable experiences on the Web today in my opinion.

                This website is a sport loverís dream, obviously. Not only does it give up to date news stories almost as soon as anything interesting happens in the sports world, but each story typically has a multimedia element to it. The other day I was reading a story about a fight in Womenís College Basketball, and conveniently enough, they had a short clip of the game so that I could see the action as well. During March Madness they also have a Bracket Challenge game for you to play that is a lot of fun to fill out.



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