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 Steven Nix
Chapter 6 Assignement

Web Page Editors


    Dreamweaver is a web page editor created by Adobe that has some great features to it. One that I find particularly useful is what they call, user interface persistance. If you are constantly entering the same information, it can become a tedious process and you tend to start rushing and can make mistakes. With this program however, it remembers the selections that you have made, so the next time you use the same interface all of your information will already be there. Another cool aspect of this program is that it runs well on all major internet browsers, so no matter what people are using to view your website, then it will be up and working.
    Dreamweaver also comes with the funtional ability to work in sixteen different languages, making it easy for people to use of all backgrounds. The program also comes in a Middle Eastern version, adding three more languages to its repertoire. This funtion also allows Adobe to distribute its product all over the world, helping generate more revenue for their company.
    Some of the expert users of Dreamweaver have complained that the fourth version of this product doesn't offer as many tricks to live up to the selling price. There are many as well who make their HTML code by hand and laugh at the thought of using this product altogether. The main funtion of the program though is to help savy webmakers by providing shortcuts to the more complicated aspects of coding. As Adobe comes out with new versions they are happy that each version makes less mistakes than the version before.


    One of the biggest plusses to KompoZer, that a lot of amateur web editors appreciate is the face that its free, making it a lot easier on the pocketbook than the $400 comptetion above. This program combines the tasks of managing your files, while also giving you a editing abilities that are easy to use, like that of Microsoft FrontPage and Aobe Dreamweaver. Powered by the same company who came out with the ever popular web browser, FireFox, Mozilla has built a very reliable product in KompZer.
    Much like the interface of a word processor, KompoZer makes it easy and user friendly for those who have been typing on a computer for years, even if they haven't been designing and editing web pages. With most of the tabs and menus of a word processor, navigating around and choosing the edits you want to make are very easy to access, without having to worry about all of the code.
    While KompoZer will allow you to insert code where its features are not available, it presents the code in such an odd fashion that its not very practical to do more than a few lines of code here and there. It is almost impossible to do very serious coding with all of the whitespace between messing up any inentations you may have put into your work. This product is generally well liked with those who are new to the web design world, and tends to get on the nerves of the experts who have been doing it awhile.


    When it came to the ever popular Microsoft Office suite that is offered, this program became a part of the bundle from 1997 to 2003. However it has since been replaced by newer software like, Microsoft Expression Web and Sharepoint Designer. Like KopmoZer, FrontPage hid the HTML code from the users making it very easy for beginners to design web pages. It also worked the best with Internet Explorer, making it easy for those who kept their products in the Microsoft family, and more of a pain for those who didn't.
    One of the highly regarded aspects of the 2003 version, was that it came with a split view aspect. While typing HTML code in the code view, you could simultaneously have Design View open to see the changes you made. Unlike KompoZer, FrontPage made working with the HTML code easier for the experts who preferred doing it that way. Unfortunately the glitches in FrontPage made the HTML code unreliable, and in some cases was only made to support viewing on Internet Explorer.